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I have itchy , red 3 patches on left side

Patient: I have itchy , red 3 patches on left side of my penus, it was there 2 days ago and today it is back again ,it dosnt itch and only dose when i touch the red patch , i have seen it when it is hot and i am very sweaty , after washing and drying i can clearly see the red patches but no skin itchyness or pain but there is some creamy discharge on the rim on left side only.



Symptoms: No symptoms expect itchy when i sweat



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.You have described it so nicely.The red patches on the left si de of the penis which look red on cleaning and drying and itch only if touched, seen only when its it hot and sweaty indicate that these are due to sort of fungal infection of the skin that develop only on wet and damp areas. Some creamy discharge on the left side only can be due to the same reason.The treatment is as follows:Remove the cause:Clean the area with plain water and keep it dry.Keep the area aerated whenever possible.Wear loose underwear preferably of a pure cotton, loose pants too.Avoid hot and humid places strictly (whenever possible).When at home and in bed, keep the area open and aerated as it may be possible.This is the first line of treatment, if this can not be achieved it will be difficult to get the results whatever medicines or lotions you use.Local treatment:Anti-fungal powder. Use powder as the ointments and lotions will keep the area wet.No soaps to be used at all.General Treatment:Oral Anti-fungal tablets.Multivitamins help rejuvenate the skin.Antibiotics and metronidazole in low dose only if there is secondary infection (will be decided by your treating Doctor).You obviously need the prescription and to be valid has to be written by your Doctor, who will also examine you, discuss with him the points I have mentioned and possible can add a point or two.Follow this and you will be fine.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thank you for the advise doctor , so the itchiness on the left side skin inside is not a std?

Doctor: As per the description you have provided i have given the probable diagnosis.
May I please know why do you think it may be STD.
STD is possible only if you have unprotected sex with someone who has STD. Have got such history?

Patient: No I never had any unprotected sex ever .

Doctor: Itchiness on the left side skin inside:
Please elucidate whether this is skin near the glans or where exactly and is the lesion you have wrote about?
Your providing the Photograph would have helped me to have visual impression for proper diagnosis.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
If you never had any unprotected sex ever, this obviously may not be STD.

please check the pic on the link above

Patient: yes is the skin near the glans .

Doctor: I thought so.
Thanks for a clear picture.
This is called balanoposthitis and needs the same treatment as outlined above.
Does not look like any of the STDs.
Get started with the proper treatment at the earliest, please take all the care as explained. Refrain from sex till you are cured.
You may please a second opinion of your Dermatologist just to make sure the diagnosis and the treatment.


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