I have large lumps under my armpit When the burst

Patient: I have large lumps under my armpit. When the burst the bleed and puss. After a while of the bursting the lump will go away, but another one will form in another spot of my armpit. This is painful and has been happening for about a week or so. I have been using hydrogen peroxide and neosaporin the lumps. I was the arm 2-3 times dailey. Do i need to doctor for my condition?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for the elucidate history.This is called hidradenitis and whatever you are doing is absolutely correct . If you clean the area with liquid povidone iodine 4 times a day, it will give better results.By showing the Doctor, you get a confirmed diagnosis and a prescription for antibiotics, probiotics, anti-inflammatory and supportive medicines.Yes, better to consult a Doctor.I hope this answers your query.