I have looked at the symptoms of depression and have

Patient: I have looked at the symptoms of depression and have taken quizes saying I am severely depressed. I do not know what to do because i am 13 and I do not know what to tell my parents and i’m not even 100% sure i’m depressed. I feel suicidal, always sad, fat, unwanted, stupid, can’t concentrate, lost interest in activities, cant sleep, cant think, I speak slower, I lost 10 pounds, always sad, and alwats made fun of at school.

Doctor: Hi.I can understand the problems you must be going through, you are just 13.I would advise you the following:Fi rst of all talk to your parents. The people who give birth to you, rear you always want you to be the best, whatever your tender mind may be thinking. This you have to accept as you have to believe somebody, here you have to believe me as we do not know each other and my intention here are solely for your benefit. I want you to come out of the problem now, as the long life is waiting you to have fun and normal for any human being phenomenon.Just follow what we say and you will be fine and normal for your age.Counselor will do rest of the jobs.Another person who can really help you is your class-Teacher, the best person in the world, again as he.she want you to be the best.The last person is you, the decision maker, always make decisions for yourself, your family and friends.I hope you understand my point of view. and follow to get alright.