I have lost about 50 pounds these last two years

Patient: I have lost about 50 pounds these last two years. Now my hair is falling out! Why can I do to fix this?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit small and specific. It says what can be done to fix the problem of weight loss of 50 pounds in 2 years and now the hair-fall.Any medical problem can be best fixed only on the basis of the getting a right diagnosis. This is very imperative.Let us consider the possible causes of both the conditions:- Medical causes such as diabetes, cancer and so on- The resultant deficiency of minerals, elements and vitamins add on the problem already existing causing many secondary problems, one of them is hair fall.I would advise you the following to get to the root cause:Clinical evaluation and actual physical examination by a Physician to get a probable cause of your problems so that further lab tests, scans and other investigations can be done to get the cause.Follow the treatment as per the cause to get a possible cure.I hope this answer helps you to get started to find the cause and get a proper treatment.