I have low follicle count with normal amh it leads into

Patient: I have low follicle count with normal amhit leads into infertility.?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at AsktheDoctor.com.A normal AMH value in a female of the reproductive age group ind icates that the ovarian reserve is good and can produce oocytes for egg release and is a good sign of fertility.In case the follicles are less and AMH is normal, it can be an indirect cause for infertility. However, this can be treated by ovulation drugs like clomiphene citrate which is administered on day 2 of cycle for 5 days. We can increase the number of follicles by this and then monitor the growth of follicles under ultrasound. Once the follicles attain a good size, HCG injections can be given to aid in rupture and release of egg. With contact then onwards with your partner, we can achieve a natural fertilization.If that is not possible, the egg can be retrieved for IVF methods.Hence do not worry and consult the gynecologist for further information and management.Good luck for a speedy conception.Feel free to write back for any clarifications.Hope this was helpful.Regards