I have MS (RRMS) and migraines with aura.

Patient: I have MS (RRMS) and migraines with aura. As of December 5th, I see trails of horizontal and vertical light in my peripheral vision in low light settings. It is particularly worse when I am tired. It happens every day and is new to me. Mostly happens in the morning while it is still dark out, and again at night. This morning as I was getting my son up for school, my hand waved in front of my face and I noticed I could see a trail of the outline of my hand as it moved. I tried it with multiple objects. I’m seeing trails, light tracers, and after images. I looked it up. Seems to match with Illusory palinopsia. Could this be correct? If so, I am wondering if it is more likely connected to migraines, ms, or medications. I receive my treatment at a VA hospital. They are currently back logged with MS patients and I was advised last month to seek treatment elsewhere. Unfortunately, the red tape to get outside treatment covered has been holding this up. This visual disturbance every day has me a bit concerned at this point. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated.

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to us.Are you also on medications for migraine? From the description of symptoms, it seems like they are from migraine and not from ms.However, you should take the appropriate meds for the migraine to avoid/treat these symptoms. If these symptoms persist, please visit your primary care doctor and get yourself examined to see if you have a new neurological deficitPlease feel free to ask if you have any further questions.Hope this helps

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Patient: I get Botox for migraines as I can’t tolerate the triptans. I take topamax to help prevent migraines. I am also on Tysabri, trazodone, and a few other meds. Surprised the vision issues came on so suddenly and stuck with me. I did have a migraine right before the vision change began.

Doctor: Plz see your primary care doctor to modify/change the meds if you have another episode