I have mucus in my chest and cough constantly It’s

Patient: I have mucus in my chest and cough constantly. It’s been a month now, what could be the reason?

Doctor: Thanks for your query.Read and understood your symptoms of mucus in he chest and continuous coughing for a month.The commonest reasons for such an occurrence are:- Inadequately treated respiratory infections.- Allergic reaction to some allergen which you might have noted till now.The treatment is Proper investigations first as this is more than a week old.- X-ray of the chest and tests of blood and phlegm.-Proper antibiotic treatment, antitussive with mucolytic properties.Steam inhalations.The most important part is keep away from the allergens which instigate or increase the problems.I hope this will help you. Since many of the medicines are prescription based medicines, you may need a Doctor for clinical evaluation, investigations and treatment .Hope this helps.