I have my tubes tied, and my period is late by 3 days. Can I be pregnant?

Patient: Hi I’m late by 3 days with my period i had my tubes June of 2006 this is my first time late ever could i be pregnant again

Symptoms: Sore breast

Doctor: Thank you for your queryDid not quite understand your question. But presuming that you had the fallopian tubal ligatio n in june 2006,since then you always had regular periods & this month you are having delayed period. If this is your question you should know that tubal ligation sometimes can fail depending upon the method used for ligation. But this is rare & happens in only a very small fraction of women. It is advisable to opt for a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy hormonal imbalance, stress, strain, anxiety, excessive weight gain or loss, over exercising, use of medication etc can lead to delay in the periods. Wait for another 3 to 4 days if the period does not come go to a doctor who will do a scan to diagnose the underlying reason for the delay.Hope that answers your queries.Have a good day.