I have not gotten my period in a month I’m

Patient: I have not gotten my period in a month I’m very well late but when I took a pegnacy test it was negative. Both where. And I have pregnancy symptoms like the sore breast and I’m tired alot. I have lightheadedNess and I get nautious at times I want to know a little more about what’s going on

Symptoms: Sore breast tired nautious lightheaded when I don’t eat

Doctor: Hello dear,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can understand your concerns.There are so many cau ses other than pregnancy which may cause delayed menses.Your symptoms can be due to hormonal imbalance.Period can be delayed due to thyroid disorder, PCOS, anxiety, stress, excessive exercise and weight changes, infection, fibroid etc.So do not take any stress and wait and watch for your menses, if you will not resume your menses, just repeat the test and consult your treating doctor to rule out the above-mentioned causes.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more information.Good luck.Regard