I Have Not Had a Period.

Patient: Took a lab test that stated I had hcg in my system at a negative -6. Am i pregnant and if so, does this indicate an early or late stage of pregnancy?” I have take two urine tests one at-home in mid-September and another at a clinic in Early October, both were negative. However, i haven’t had a period since August. Please help me.

Doctor: I am not sure of your interpretation of the hCG level ( negative -6). A hCG under 5 mIU/ml is negative/not pregnant, hCG between 5-25 mIU/ml is equivocal/not sure and hCG over 25 mIU/ml is positive/pregnant. You may have to repeat the serum hCG, which usually doubles every two days to confirm a pregnancy. If your pregnancy tests are negative then you may need to visit your family doctor for further evaluation.