I have pain in my right testis for some days

Patient: I have pain in my right testis for some days. There is no redness .ULTRA SOUND REPORT:-Both testis are normal in shape, Size and echotexture (R=42x17mm & L=43x19mm).No significant fluid collection in the tunica vaginalis.The epidydimis & mediastinum testes are normal.URINE TEST REPORT:-Colour-Pale yellowAppearance -ClearSpecific Gravity-1.025PH-6.0Protein-TraceGlucose-NilRed Cell/HPF-NilPus Cell/HPF- 1-2Epithelial Cel/HPF- 1-2Cast/LPF- NILCrystals/LPF – NilBlood Test:-Haemoglobin – 15.60gm/dlTotal Leucocyte count- 5900/cummNeutrophil-46%Lymphocyte-48%Eosinophil – 04%Monocyte-02%E.S.R (Westergren)-04mm/Ist hr.RBC count-5.5Millions/cmmPCV (Hematocrit) -49.2MCV (Mean Corp Volume)- 89.45fLMCH (Mean Corp Hb)-28.36pgMCHC (Mean Corp Hb Conc)-31.7g/DLPlatelet Count-2.53lakhs/cmm

Symptoms: Pain in Right Testis