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I have pain when breathing in mainly in my throat

Patient: I have pain when breathing in mainly in my throat but if I strain myself I have some pain in upper chest throats and feel winded was wondering if this is a serious condition or something a general doctor can treat



Doctor: HI,Thank for your query.Noted your history well and understood the concerns.Pain on breathing in throat, pain in upper chest and throat along with feeling winded on straining indicate that you have respiratory tract infection along with lots of inflammation that is causing symptoms and can be treated by a General Doctor if it is of a short duration.He/She may refer you for the investigations or refer you to the Specialist if he/she feels the necessity or on failed management.Till then be careful about what you eat and breath; avoid any sort of allergens that can cause enhancement of symptoms.I hope this answers your query.



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Patient: I’m not coughing at all really and don’t have congestion what causes this then

Doctor: Since when have you got this problem?
Is there any local tenderness on pressure on the voice box and the neck muscles?
Any stress and/or anxiety?

Patient: 3 days and no I feel 110% fine no fever or fatigue just occasional heart burn

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback .
GERD can cause similar symptoms. GERD means gastro-esophageal reflux disease; you have heart burn and the refluxed acid also can cause such pain as you have explained.
Your local General Doctor can certainly examine, you can discuss and can get a proper treatment.


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