I have pains in my left arm that goes down

Patient: I have pains in my left arm that gose down to my ribs on my left side any ideas would be helpful thanks

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on ATD.There is a pain in your left arm; pain which radiates to ribs on left sid e.It is important that we determine what is causing your arm pain before even starting any type of treatment.Angina pectoris is the commonly occurring presentation particularly in the obese, hypertensive and smokers. It is alarming condition and you should rush to cardiologist for consultation.If pain increases with movement, it could be muscular strain and spasm. Such type of pain is relieved usually with bed rest and painkillers.In case of cervical spondylosis also the picture may match with your symptom.There is another possibility of periarthritis of shoulder joint.For above two conditions heat therapy and physiotherapy are usually helpful.Most importantly we must exclude cardiac pain like angina before engaging on muscles and joints.You are advised to consult your doctor who may take proper history, examine, do the necessary investigations to rule out cause of such symptoms and may advise you proper treatment.Wish you a good health.