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I have petechiae on my lower legs and feet I’m

Patient: I have petechiae on my lower legs and feet. I’m also experience night sweats headaches pain in the bones of my legs and feet and my Dr said its nothing. What should I do?



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I have read your query.I understand your concern.Petechiae can be because of many reasons including deficient platelet count, abnormal platelet function, clotting factors deficiency, drug rash, vasculitis.Vasculitis can be localized to skin only or may have systemic involvement.A clinical examination of Petechiae is required followed by investigations to make the final diagnosis.if your doctor suspects vasculitis, then he might take skin biopsy of the recent most lesion and send it for histopathology.For other bleeding disorders mentioned above, you need following investigations:1 ) Platelet count2)PT / INR3)Bleeding time and clotting time.If any issues are found in the report, you would be investigated accordingly.As far as your other symptoms are concerned, they don’t seem to be related.They can be due to anxiety, anaemia, Calcium and vitamin D deficiency.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.



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Patient: He said all blood work came back fine. This all just started about 2 months ago and I googled all my symptoms and was concerned because leukemia kept coming up. He just doesn’t seem concerned and I am. I’m exhausted all the time no matter how much sleep I get. My bones ache and I get sharp pains in them. Constantly getting headaches I even wake up with them and then the night sweats started and I never sweat at night. The petechiae gets worse when I get out the shower then dries like blood through out the day. Should I ask to see a specialist and if so what kind of specialist?

Doctor: Hi. I suppose they are not petechiae then else your doctor would have recognized and taken it seriously
It might be simply a skin lesion. See a dermatologist.
As far as leukemia is concerned then if the blood tests are normal I suppose blood picture must have been done and that could have given the clue.
Good luck.


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