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I have pimple like buns on my penis but they

Patient: I have pimple like buns on my penis but they have been there for at least 2 weeks they don’t hurt or itch but they have recently start to become more and more of the is this herpes or somthing els all of the pictures I have seen of what herpes looks like are not to simler to mine



Symptoms: Bumps



I have pimple like buns on ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thank for your query and a picture.This looks to be a classical condition called molluscum contagiosum.This ne eds to be confirmed and if it is so the needling is the only way of cure and is best done by a Dermatologist.There is no medical treatment for this. So do not apply anything to the area nor is any tablet necessary.Do not fondle or pop as this is the way it spreads.If at all some other thing your dermatologist will diagnose and treat it accordingly.

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Patient: But you don’t think it’s herpies

Doctor: less likely to be herpes ….

Patient: If it was herpes how could I tell or what signs would I have

Doctor: Herpes is a cluster of fluid filled papules, tiny in size, which may coalesce and leave small itchy wounds. You may certainly get pictures on the net. Giving you a link for you to see.
The one you have typical umbilicated appearance with white dots



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