I have problems with my stomach Full of air and

Patient: I have problems with my stomach. Full of air and causes too much trouble like feeling like going to sleep, dizziness,belching etc.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You seem to be suffering from gastritis and indigestion. It could be due to intestinal malabsorption and some enzyme related issues in the gastrointestinal tract.Here are a few tips to help you with thisDrink plenty of water dailyAvoid spicy food and oily foodHave small frequent meals 4 to 5 times a dayKepp your dinner light and have it 2 hours before you sleepExercise daily for at least 30 minutes.Stop smoking and alcoholSleep well for 8 hours a dayAvoid constipationHave a high fibre diet, antioxidants and fresh vegetables and fruits every dayReduce stress.See a gastroenterologist for an examination and further investigations and treatment.Hope this helped.Regards