I have recently had unprotected sex

Patient: I have recently had unprotected sex and I had took a plan b pill 11 hours later .. I am not sure if it worked . I Have Been Having a lot of discharge in my vaginal area and about a week ago I had bled really dark blood .. As well my period has not come . By any chance could I be pregnant ?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Firstly, for pregnancy to occur, int ercourse has to happen around the time of ovulation, which occurs around the mid-cycle.So considering you have regular 28-30 days cycles, ovulation occurs in between the 12th-16th day. If unprotected intercourse happened around this time of your cycle, there are chances of pregnancy.But, since you took Plan B, it is effective 95-96 % of the times, in preventing pregnancy from such exposures.So please do not worry. This hormone tablets work by delaying ovulation, and since it disturbs the normal hormonal rhythm the periods can be delayed by a few days.So please do not be worried about pregnancy.Hope this was helpful,Regards