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I have sent you my mouth problem, please see that and let me know.

Patient: I have sent you my mouth problem, please see that you get it and please let me know. I am surprised that I emailed my condition to you and you did not receive it. I hope you did this time as it is a long story.Thank youKind regards



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your query.You have to send the photos [email protected] so that I will get it.Please give detailed history of the present problem, past history and any associated problems, treatment taken.A detailed history helps a lot.Awaiting for your history and photos.



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Patient: I wrote my whole story with regards to my problem. Cannot supply photos like I mentioned because there is nothing to be seen, I have paid 15 dollars have receipt but no answer. Is this how you play with pationions take the money but no answers to question how many times must I tell you that I cannot take a photo of inside my mouth as there is nothing to see, did you not read my problem that it took me a hour to write. If it was not to your satisfaction then why charge. I want to rewrite my problem without being charged

Patient: That was not I firstly wrote you, I wrote about a problem that I have had for fifteen years. Shall I start again?

Patient: No answer was given I am busy writing to you again, but not going to pay again

Patient: Has doctor nothing to say?

Doctor: Okay.
No problems.
Please re-write your problems.
Please do not panic, you have problem of 15 years. There might have some technical snag.
Do not worry.
Please write in detail again, waiting for your details.

Doctor: Our technical team is looking into what happened to your previous query, I as a Doctor can help your medical problems.

Patient: I am going to start from the begining again, I am from South Africa. When I was much younger I am 58 at present. I used to bite the inner part of my mouth and suck my checks until they were so sore that I had to stop until it healed again, this is something I used to do often . I believe that it was a nerves problem. Anyway one day I bit my mouth so bad that I could not talk , the sore healed but my mouth was painful at all times even when taken pain killers. A month later I started felling pins and needles down my legs. Went to so many doctors only to be told that I am crazy as they could see nothing in my mouth. One Termetologist gave me a tooth brush to used, sorry for my language but I felt like sticking it up his back side. I have been hospitalized do to serve pain seen sycologist and the pain is still here together with my pin and needles running up and down my legs. I had a flu saw my house doctor, but she was not in I was then referred to another doctor whom I had never met before. I asked him about my problem and he knew about it, he was telling me my systems. I cried with relief. He gave me Tramacet for pain, Azor one mg also CymBen 60 which is an antidepressant . Stilnox MR 12.5 a sleeping tablet. He told me I have Beachem which is like an ulcer in the mouth, but there are no sores to be seen. I was told there was no cure and this doctor has left the country soon after he examine me. Mu mouth is always sore and my legs are always with these pins and needles feelings. What I think is when I was biting my mouth I must have destroyed my nerve ends and that is why I am in constant pain. I can only drink water. Foods no spices no acid food or fruit it is a problem for me to eat. After eating I have to goggle my mouth with an alcolhal free mouth wash take two pain killers and rub cream in the inner part of my mouth, cream for ulcers.
Please help me its gas became unbearable to live in this situation. Please try and help me I don’t believe I have ulcers as I have no sores inside or outside my mouth. Cannot send you photos as there is nothing for you to see.
Is there something for the damage nerves in my mouth that could stop the paining and the felling of the pins and needles inside my legs. I have no idea what it’s like not to live withou pain. PLEASE HELP ME.

Doctor: Hi
Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.
Read carefully all the history and understood your concerns.
It is known that the cheek biting can cause neuralgia, the symptoms of which you are exhibiting.
Another possibility related to the same problem is known as development of granulomas wherein the nerve endings develop as clubbed and hence increasing the sensitivity so much.
In my experience, this can be diagnosed by a trial injection of local anesthetic to see it there is complete abolition of the symptoms till the action is over. If this is so, you can get relief by local excision of the offending lesion.
Oral Surgeon can help you in this regard.
The medicines like pregabaline, gabapentin, tegritol or amitryptiline can help in many a patients with oral as well as the leg symptoms that you have. All these are prescription medicines hence you have to please discuss with your treating Doctors and get a valid prescription to get a symptom-free life with regards to oral as well as the pins and pricks in the lower limbs.
I an sure this will help you as it helps all my patients.
Wishing you all the best.
Please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.
With regards.
Always at your service.


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