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I have several small brown dots around my penis shaft,

Patient: I have several small brown dots around my penis shaft, 3 are slightly raised. it doesnt hurt, burn, and isnt uncomfortable at all but i am concerned. ive had molluscum contagiosum about 4 years ago amd it cleared up and went away after treatment, is this another type of that? i work in a prison amd am around a variety of diseases so i amconcerned i may have gotten something fromwork, im always washing my hands



Symptoms: None



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading your detailed history and reviewing the image attached along with the questi on, we are of the opinion that the lesions could be viral warts.HPV causes projections anywhere in the body which are symptomless and can even appear on the penis.They seem to resemble warts very closely. Warts are likely to spread from personal contact with a infected persons and prevalent in low socio economic groups where people live in clusters and where there is lack of hygiene.Kindly consult a dermatologist for an examination and specific investigations to confirm the diagnosis. In case of an HPV, topical agents like podophyllin can help. Cautery and laser are other treatment options. However, it is likely to recur even after removal.Maintain personal hygiene.Use cotton undergarments and maintain distance from infected people.Kindly write back for any further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: so it is possible i have genital warts from being in the enclosed dirty enviroment? if this is the case will i be free of the virus?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes, genital warts can occur from contact of the infected hand with the genital area and not necessarily a sexual contact.
Most of the times, the virus persists in the body despite treatment and tends to recur anytime.
Anti viral therapy can help in eliminating the virus from the body . However, the warts will only disappear when we try to remove them by podophyllin or cautery.
Hope this was reassuring.

Patient: it def helps, guess ill have to make an appt to get it taken care of. it sucks to explain to my wife now esp because its work related i know she will instantly think im cheating.
is this strand of virus the same as a cold sore? or a wart youd get on your hand as well? just called different bame because of placement on the body?

Patient: should also say she isnt showing any signs so does this mean it hsnt spread?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.
The virus is the same but the strain is different from the one causing warts in the hands. Your wife may be in the window period where infection may be acquired and the symptoms yet to be manifested.
However, consult a dermatologist for a better explanation after an examination.


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