I have severe pain when releasing urine Went to

Patient: I have severe pain when releasing urine. Went to urgent care and test said no infection. Took cystex and pain went from sharp knife like pain to pinching pain, so it’s in the bladder. Of it’s not an infection what is causing this unbelievable pain. Day four and gets increasingly worse. (Have history of interstitial cystitis and diverticulae disease. Also pcos. ). Thank you

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The cause for the pain that you are experiencing could be a stone in the urinary tract, if not for an infection.Kindly drink plenty of water daily. Citralka syrup and cranberry supplements may help you. Also, consult a urologist for an examination and to rule out the above cause.A course of antibiotics, hydration therapy may help. Also, surgical removal of the stone also is an option.Hope this was helpful.Regards