I have small ovarian follicles on both ovaries

Patient: Can I get pregnant with small follicles on my ovary 1.9 on the left and 1.4 cm on the right??

Symptoms: Ovarian pain

Doctor: Hello,The size of the ovarian follicles on ultrasound is significant depending on the time of cycle it has been done. The size of ovarian follicle is monitored to ascertain or predict the ime of ovulation. A follicle would rupture to release the ovum when it is to the size of 22-24mm and once the ovulation occurs , it is then that chances of pregnancy can be contemplated if an unprotected intercourse is practiced.The present size if it is in the day8-12 of the cycle , then its a good sign and if the follicle grows to 22mm, then you may experience ovulation in next 4-5 days , but if the USG is done in the third week of the cycle , then it is unlikely that ovulation would occur in this cycle.It is suggested that you may discuss in detail with your treating physician and understand the physiology behind , for you to take an informed decision.I hope i have answered the query in detail,wishing you good health,Regards,