I have small pink spots on the head of my

Patient: I have small pink spots on the head of my penis and under my foreskin.

Symptoms: None

I have small pink spots on ...-1

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have some sort of lesion on your penis. This could be due to a number o f causes but I will list a few of them:Bacterial infectionFungal infectionAllergy (Latex allergy from condom)ErythroplasiaSTDThese are all possibilities that need a Doctor examination and a Doctor to reach the diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is reached, the Doctor will then start you on antibiotics or antifungals to help you. Treatment of Erythroplasia can be surgical.If you have a simple latex allergy, then the Doctor will start you on Levocet tablet 1 time a day for a few days. Also, avoid using latex condoms. Hope this helps you.All the best. Please follow up if you have more questions.

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Patient: Hello it was initially purple, I noticed it after weekend of intense sweating. That same weekend I participated in sexual inter course with my girlfriend. So I am not sure if it’s a bruise, a fungus. I have no discharge nor pain while I urniate

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.
Even though you have stated the colour of the lesion of the lesion, it is difficult to judge the colour because a second opinion of the colour is usually different from that of the Doctor.
I would still recommend that you see a Doctor to get an STD panel done to be on the safe side.
All the best.