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Patient: I have something abnormal in the crack of my butt- not sure if it is an Angels or what. It’s been there for a few months & popped a couple days ago & there is a bloody like tissue sticking out of it – it’s also pussing & draining – my pants were all wet the other day from it draining . It is getting smaller. I have been keeping area clean with Epsom salt baths, antibiotic cream & witch hazel.

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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.As far as I can decipher from the ima ges shared by you this looks like an anal abscess which just popped.I will still advise you to get it physically examined by a general surgeon. Since it popped and there is quite a lot of bleeding as evident from the picture, it may get infected easily. You’re doing the right things, just continue with the antibiotic cream, but make sure it is Mupirocin or Bacitracin, others won’t be helpful in this case. You mentioned it’s been there for months, so it definitely needs to be examined to confirm the diagnosis.So, in my opinion, you continue with Mupirocin for the recovery but based on the examination, the doctor may decide to drain the pus if there is any inside, and also suggest an oral antibiotic.Hope this was helpful,Regards.

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Patient: Thank you! It does not hurt at all which is good 🙂 I am using triple antibiotic with bacitracin zinc/neomycin sulfate/polymyxin/b sulfate
My concern also is that we have plans for the holiday weeks up north- should I avoid swimming? They have both a pool & a lake- do you think it would be okay to wait until Monday to see a doctor?

Doctor: It is best to avoid swimming now because the pool water can further worsen the lesion. You can wait till Monday as the antibiotic ointment is fine.

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