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Patient: I have something small and red on the side of my penis. It seems as if it is a small mole. At the bottom it is loose as if it is about to fall off. It hurts to touch it or move my leg in certain directions. The past couple of days I’ve been playing basketball and sweating a lot. When I’m done my underwear is drenched in sweat. What could it be and could I take it off myself?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Please add on a few more points:-What is your age?-Since w hen is it present?- What is the size?- Any sexual activity?- If you can provide clear pictures well focused on the lump, please post them attached to this query in the follow up.This helps for on the spot diagnosis and giving you the best assistance.Please post the pictures and give feedback.Regards,

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Patient: I’m 18 I noticed it 2 days ago and it is small and round. I’m am not having sexual activity

Doctor: Thanks for feedback info.
Picture although not as clear as I wanted is suggestive that it is a small pedunculated papiloma, an outgrowth of skin with a small twig of the sensory nerve and blood supply.
If the base is very thin, you can apply a very fine nylon thread at the base and tie tightly and the mass may fall of within a few days.
If there is a recurrence, consult a Dermatologist or a General Surgeon as it then needs removal from the base to avoid recurrence.
Carry on playing but you should clean the sweaty area with plain water every time and keep the area dry and aerated.

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