I have started my period on the 9th of last

Patient: I have started my period on the 9th of last month two weeks later for 2-3 days i had a show.This month i was due for my regular period on the 9th but did not start i have been 11 days over all test even docter test has vome back negative.Today i have started my period which is very light like a showWhat do i do my belly feels big n bloated slight mild pain and setimes feel sick.

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query.The symptoms of bloating and feeling sick in the tummy may be due to premenstrual sympt oms. Since all tests for pregnancy have been negative, the causes for your delayed cycles could be stress, polycystic ovaries, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal changes, and many more. Consider seeing your Gynecologist for an examination and medications to cause withdrawal bleeding to resume the cycles and get yourself investigated for the above causes for delayed cycles. Also, drink plenty of water a day and sleep for at least 8 hours and have a nutritious diet.Hope this helped.Regards