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I have taken some blood test of mine and following

Patient: I have taken some blood test of mine and following are the important reports for your review.CBCWBC 4 – 11 x10.e 3/µl 8.2RBC 4 – 6 x10.e 6/µl 5.15HGB 11.5 – 17.5 g/dL 15.9HCT 36 – 54 % 47.3MCV 76 – 96 fL 91.8MCH 27 – 33 pg 30.9MCHC 33 – 35 g/dL 33.6%RDW-CV 11.5 – 14.5 % 14.3PLT 150 – 400 x10.e 3/µl 452MPV 7.2 – 11 fL 10.5%Neut 40 – 75 % 67%LYMP 20 – 45 % 24.3%MONO 2 – 10 % 7.1%EOS 0 – 6 % 1.2%BASO 0 – 1.5 % 0.4#NEUT 1.9 – 8 x10.e 3/µl 5.5#LYMP 0.9 – 5.2 x10.e 3/µl 1.99#MONO 0.16 – 1 x10.e 3/µl 0.58#EOS 0 – 0.8 x10.e 3/µl 0.1#BASO 0 – .2 x10.e 3/µl 0.03LIPID PROFILETRIGLYCERIDES



Symptoms: Some Psoriasis



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.I have reviewed all your reports, and apart from the triglycerides, all the reports are normal.Your cholesterol levels are high, which indicate that your diet has to be modified, and you need to start exercising daily. Since the LDL is normal, which is a good sign, the levels can be brought down by regular walking and diet modification.I will recommend you to meet a nutrition specialist who can advise you on a proper diet based on your daily food habits. You need to cut down on fatty foods like cottage cheese, white rice, red meat ( if you consume), sweets, ghee, e.t.cApart from that, all your blood reports are normal, and the urine report is fine tooHope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Thanks for the quick response on my reports. How to reduce triglycerides. I will add daily morning walk and jogging in my lifestyle. Additionally I normally skip lunch at office which is generally oily and heavy. Do you recommend me taking only Vegetable Salad during afternoon. I dont take red meat at all.
Do you want me to conduct any other test? Additionally what do you recommend if I start doing walk and jogging from tomorrow then when should I redo these and which test to be repeated.

Doctor: Hello,
Once you start morning walk and jogging, it will come down itself.
You do not need medicines now, as LDL is normal, which is the bad cholesterol.
Vegetable salad will be good, you can definitely add that.
You can get an ECG done prophylactically, just to ensure the heart is fine.


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