I have the flu and last night I found bumps on feet/ankles

Patient: I have the flu and last night I found bumps on my feet/ankles, tonight I have found them on my arms too. My right arm has one big bump on the back of my hand and it hurts to lift my arm now what is going on.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You history says you have flu and now you have got bumps on the feet, ankles, arms and ba ck of the hand.The causes of such bumps can be:-Urticaria, this is supposed to be due to an allergic reaction of the subcutaneous tissue and can occur anytime.-This can be an exanthema due to flu although the lesions are small and multiple.I would advise you to rush to the ER to get a clinical evaluation and actual examination to decided the exact nature of the bumps, to confirm that you have flue and get the treatment for both the conditions simultaneously.I hope this answer helps you to get an informed decision.