I have these marks on my foot that have me

Patient: I have these marks on my foot that have me cautious at the moment. It’s been there for about a week now and I just been wondering what they are.

Symptoms: Itchy

I have these marks on my fo...-1

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD,Thank you for the query.The following skin conditions may be the cause for itchy marks on you r foot:dermatitis inflammation of the skineczemadermatographism-caused by pressure on the skin.irritant substance that might have come in contact.Whatever may be the exact cause,but the lesions are now healing,just do not worry,take tab cetirizine 10 mg at night one daily to relieve itching, apply a good amount of moisturizer,avoid scratching it,do not apply soaps and detergents and take a cool bath.Do consult a dermatologist for proper evaluation and management.Hope this helps. All the best.