I have this ball feeling on my right side just

Patient: I have this ball feeling on my right side just below my ribs (also just started feeling a ball on my lower left side the past few days, not as bothersome as the right side but enough that I can feel it). I’ve had the feeling for awhile but in the last 3 weeks it feels as if it’s gotten bigger and the pain is about a 5/10. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. I’ve had ultrasounds (last one was done about a year ago, with nothing found), a colonoscopy (-/+ 3 years ago with nothing found), latest blood work showed my red cells are little in size and wasn’t given an explanation as to why. I was also told my iron is very low and again wasn’t given any sort of advice as what to do to help bring it up.I also had my appendix removed in 2012.My stools have been very light in colour, like tan and loosely solid. There have been days where I have a bowel movement 5-7 times in a day…which is a lot for me.Early yesterday morning (4:30) I got up to go to the bathroom and I had blood in my underwear, too far up the back to be vaginal bleeding. When I went to carefully wipe my butt, there was blood on the toilet paper and a little clump (I didn’t have a bowel movement but knowing that the blood on my underwear had to be from that area, I wanted to be sure). I tried to squeeze the clump in the toilet paper, which appeared dark red and about the size of a pea, it didn’t break/smoosh like I expected. It was kind of rubbery. As of this morning I still have bleedling and it hurts, feels like its on my crack not my anal. I will note that I have hemmeroids (got them 7.5 years ago by pushing out my last son…my water didn’t break, I pushed him out still in the ‘sack’).I’ve also been very gassy.Since I was a teen, 42 now, I have always had stomach pain. I was first diagnosed with ulcers as a teen, was given a load of medications to take, my mother didn’t trust the dr so we switched and there hasn’t been another dr who has said anything about ulcers. Years later I was told I have IBS, although I didn’t have most of the symptoms. I remember getting procedures done where I had to drink a white chalky substance and had a tube go down thru my mouth, it was normal. I had that done two times, but not since I was a teen.I have been to see my family dr and even made yrips to the ER because of this feeling that I’m having and for extreme abdominal pain. I know there is something not right, tired of being told everything is fine when I don’t feel fine.

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, gassy