I have this sharp pain in my leg that is

Patient: I have this sharp pain in my leg that is in my shin probably from the back of the knee half ways down the shin. This pain is kinda like a knife is jabbed into the back of my leg, I am a very tough girl and tolerate pain really well but I have never been in pain like this ( even when I fractured my arm) I am concerned because my 7 year old brother just beat leukaemia and he had similar symptoms when he was diagnosed (pain in ankle and bone). I am a 16 year old fema and I know it is not common for my age to develop leukaemia but i am very worried that It possibly could be. Do you have any idea on what it could be?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You are susceptible to other types of leukemia. It may not be the same type of leukemia. But since you already have a case of leukemia in your family, I would recommend that you see a Doctor and confirm the diagnosis.Hope this helps you.