I have throat infection for more than 3

Patient: I have throat infection for more than 3 weeks . i have been used three different antibiotics but no effect. i am drinking tea and using honey which relieves me for some time but when i get up in morning i feel irritation in my throat badly. some time i find it difficult to swallow or drink. sometimes i also feel that dust is going in my mouth while breathing. sometimes i feel that dont have sore throat but after sometime i feel pain in my throat. i am not eating to much spicy food. i am also avoiding cold and sore food but my infection is not curing. it has been lasted for more than 3 weeks i am worried please help me out. every time i go to an ent specialist the give me a new antibiotic with a pain relief and cough syrup but situation is worsening day by day

Symptoms: Sometimes pain n throat, mostlyirritation in throat