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I have throat tightness and it is red and scratchy

Patient: I have throat tightness and it is red and scratchy a little bit of pulse at the back and I can feel congestion messing with my ears nose and throat and recommendations I have been taking Claritin sucking cough drops and drinking hot tea with honey and plenty of fluids water and hot tea. also taking hot showers. Also I have been burping constantly with this as well and my chest is a bit tight as well. no trouble breathing though or swallowing



Symptoms: Throat doesn’t hurt but is scratchy and red little pulse at back, throat tightness, little chest tightness



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query.Noted your history of tightness in the throat, scratchy feeling with red little pulse a t the back, ENT congestion, taking Claritin, sucking cough drops and taking oral fluids, tea and honey. There is burping and bit chest tightness.With the history you have provided, this is definitely a congestion of the ENT area with the secondary changes and have burping too.I would advise you the following in such a condition:-Continue Claritin as it is a good antihistamine.-Needs additional PPI like Omeprazole and motility regulator like Domperidone for the control of burping as the burp may be a part of GERD and Reduce the intake of hot tea as it can increase the acidity part of the stomach .-An anti-inflammatory or oral steroid can help reduce the ENT congestion.-Get a clinical evaluation and investigations like throat swab to look for infection and to get a prescription based treatment if infection is present.This way you get the correct detailed diagnosis and a proper treatment till you get a cure.Take rest if possible as it helps in early recovery. Soft bland diet and continue taking plenty f oral fluids and water, should be Luke warm.I hope this answer help you to get a proper diagnosis and curative treatment.

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Patient: thank you so much I will go home from work now and take a hot shower eat and get some rest.

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation. Please carry on as advised to get well soon.


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