I have two large bumps on my lower abdomen, are the correlated to pregnancy?

Patient: I have two palm sized bumps in my lower abdomen, under my belly button by my hip bones, about where my ovaries are, they protrude out more than ever before and I was wondering if that would have anything to do with pregnancy, because I’ve been told baby bumps begin closer to the navel, where as this is happening closer to my hip bones.I’m a college freshman and I do not wish to be pregnant, but I missed my period (which does happen to me every two or three months, although this is a little longer than usually), and I’ve gained a few pounds (whether it be because I’m in my first quarter of school, or a baby). I have had no cramps, and no nausea. When I had sex in the beginning of September (only about a week after my period ended), we used a condom, however I was not on the pill.What are my chances of being pregnant? And do the bumps have anything to do with pregnancy? I know this is a loaded question, and I should just take a test, but I’m terrified, because I have no one who would be there for me while I take it.Thank you for your time.