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I have two very small bumps on my labia the

Patient: I have two very small bumps on my labia the are hard and smooth it’s been about a month and there has been no real change they don’t hurt or itch or anything I just noticed them one day because I do shave down there I have looked at countless pictures and it just seems too look like nothing I look at



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted the history of two very small bums on labia – hard and smooth – about a month – no change – no itching – no pain – noticed due to shaving – not matching any pictures you have explored.Please give few details:What is the color?What is the exact size?Are they flat or elevated above surface of skin?Sexual history please.If at all possible- please post clear and focused pictures. ( if possible for you ) helps for on-the-spot diagnosis.Answers to all these questions will help me to assist you better.Awaiting for your feedback.



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Patient: They are slightly elevated they are white and kinda flesh colored I am sexually active same person for three years now but I forgot to mention I do get slight yeast infections before my period every month and the last three months my period has been very late but it’s back on schedule now I take Minastrin Fe for birth control I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and mild endometriosis and my mother had uterin cancer

Doctor: Thanks for your detailed history and clear picture.
Noted all the points you have mentioned.
As per the history and pictorial presentation these two look to be inspissated sebaceous glands that could not progress to sebaceous cysts as they became inactive not could progress to boils as there was no infection.
They do not look like any warts or other forms of diseases.
So nothing much to worry about.
I hope your partner is also free from any STDs.
This does not look to be associated with irregular periods, yeast infections, PCOS or endometriosis or cancer.
I hope this answer helps you.
Keep it under observation for any change in size, color, symptoms.

Patient: Thank you very much this is more then helpful it’s been a worry in the back of my head for weeks.

Doctor: You are most welcome.
Thanks for your appreciation.


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