I have type 1 diabetes and both of my feet

Patient: I have type 1 diabetes and both of my feet are swollen up what does that mean?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.Since you are diabetic, so there can be many reasons behind the swelling you have, most common being diabetic nephropathy.However, in a patient who has diabetes and hypertension, following causes should be ruled out in case of Bilateral swelling of foot:1. Congestive heart failure.2. Hypothyroidism3. Proteinuria due to kidney dysfunction.4. Drugs like Amlodipine causing swelling over feet.5. AnemiaI would advise you following investigations:1. Hemogram2. Kidney function tests3. Urine for Microalbumin4. Thyroid profile.5. ECG, If abnormal ECHO.You will be treated according to the issue found.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy