I have unbearable, pain in my lower back right above

Patient: I have unbearable, pain in my lower back right above my butt. Running down the back of both of my thighs. It feels like all my muscles are cramping at the same time, Like a terrible Charlie horse. It gets better throughout the day, it’s worse in the morning, after I take Advil it gets better, but gets worse at night. I have been having this problem for several months.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of pain in the low back above the butt, radiating to he back of thighs and feeling of muscles cramping all at the same time like a terrible Charlie Horse. It is worst in the morning and gets as the day pass by. Advil helps but the pain in worst at night.This is going on for several months.The most probable cause of such a pain is a problem in the spinal canal or the disc compressing on the spinal cord.The best was to get a proper diagnosis is MRI of the spine and the /Sacro-iliac joints.This will get us the correct diagnosis and as per the clinical findings of an Orthopedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon, complete the further treatment.You will be given treatment for symptomatic relief and to treat the causative agent.I hope this answer helps you.