I have unprotected sex five day ago during with white

Patient: I have unprotected sex five day ago during with white egg discharge after sex and was it white egg discharge or was it sperm? Then one day after I have cramps off and on and feel funny inside and my breast feel funny also my son act strange like he beginning start want to sleep with me on my side I put him opposite side where I sleep over again then I couldn’t remember he sleep on my arms also he going to be 3 yrs old he act more different than usual … Am I pregnant ? My last period was June 1 and 3 and I had sex on June 8 but my period is irregular three day late or three day early .. I don’t know when my ovulation… But I had white egg discharge during having unprotected sex and after I had sex then i wipe out my vigina its was creamy and clear with white egg discharge .. Can you tell me about this ?

Symptoms: Coughing, stiffness , cramps, breast soft, feel like puke but not , diarrhea

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms you have described are not specific for pregnancy. White discharge can happen due to reasons like infection like fungal infection, bacterial infection, etc.Do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy after 14 days of last sexual intercourse. Consult a gynecologist to treat you for the white discharge.Hope this helped.Regards