I have uterine fibroid detected a few months back by

Patient: I have uterine fibroid detected a few months back by a Gynaecologist (laparoscopic surgeon). I am 25 years, not yet attained menopause but having irregular menstrual cycle with pain and uneasiness for last couple of months. As per the doctor surgery is the choice of treatment and suggested USG (color Doppler) and different blood tests before finalization about surgery.The USG report says it’s a fairly large hypovascular fibroid. Blood reports including Hb, TC, Glucose etc are within normal reference range except for TSH = 4.4 u/ml (upper limit of reference 4.2 u/ml) and serum prolactin – 143 ng/ml (much on the higher side)When visited the doctor with the reports, doctor recommended the following treatment and surgery (laparoscopy) will be done after three(3) months.1) To take a shot of LUPRODEX 11.25 mg, 2) Cabgolin 0.5 mg tablet once a week 3) Thyronorm 12.5 mg tablet on daily basisAs understood tablets “cabgolin” and “Thyronorm” for controlling prolactin level and TSH whereas Luprodex 11.25 is analogous to GnHr and sometimes used for uterine fibroid treatment.My question – is the Luprodex 11.25 necessary prior to surgery? If surgery is the ultimate choice, why this injection required? What are the side effects of Luprodex? I have irritable bowel syndrome and osteoporosis (knee and ankle pain), can it worsen further ? Finally should I visit another specialist for rational and reasonable/ unbiased opinion?