I have Venous Insufficiency and have developed skin discolor

Patient: I have Venous Insufficiency and have developed skin discoloration around the area of the ulcers. I already went to multiple doctors and was told the treatment of wearing socks, leg elevating and etc. My question is, is this discoloration normally permanent or can it be treated?

I have Venous Insufficiency...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and picture.The discoloration is usually temporary and there is always a chance of improvem ent only if you are treated correctly.I would advise in such a case the following:Consult a vascular or a General Surgeon, get venous color doppler examination and ask the radiologist to put a marker on the incompetent veins and valves and get operated ASAP. Do not delay. Rest of the treatment to be continued as you have mentioned above.I hope this answers your query.