I have very disturbing dark circles around my eye

Patient: I have very disturbing dark circles around my eye. Is there any oinment or other treatment to completely remove them?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.There are plenty of products availab le in the market, but most do not work permanently. Your Dermatologist can give you info about the product, however, you should follow these steps to reduce it naturally.Control allergies and the puffiness they cause. Take proper medication for allergies to airborne materials like flour or smoke.If you have dust allergies, make your bedroom as dust-free as possible: use bare floors, put dust covers on mattress and pillows, and remove or cover upholstered furniture, clothes, books, and papers.Remove all eye makeup, like eyeliner and mascara, before going to sleep. Anything that irritates eyes can leave them watery and puffy.Use a Neti-Pot to rinse the nasal passages, to relieve sinus infections and hay fever that cause puffiness under the eyes.Daily exercise circulates blood throughout the body and the face, reducing puffiness. Concentrate on yoga too, which stimulates your breathing, leaving fresh skin.To eradicate morning puffiness and bluish color, apply something that cools the skin and the capillaries beneath it, reducing swelling and making the blood vessels less visible. Apply cucumber or potato slices, chilled spoons, or bags of ice water to the area around the eye for up to an hour and a half.Include plenty of green vegetables, fruits, and vitamins in your diet. Eat seasonal fruit like bananas, mangoes and oranges, along with vegetables like spinach, greens, carrots, and brinjals (eggplant).Include plenty of iron in your diet, from whole grains, legumes, eggs, or iron supplements.Reduce salt in your diet to reduce puffiness.Arrange your life to reduce stress. Stress releases cortisol, which causes increased blood volume and puffiness and has other undesired effects.Stay hydrated; dehydration causes thin and sagging skin. Use a moisturizer. Limit cigarettes and alcohol.To keep looking young years longer, protect your face and eyes from the sun. Ultraviolet light from the sun destroys protein in the skin. Use sunscreen and a hat when you go out.In most cases, the cause is inadequate sleep, and sleeping better for 6-8 hours reduces the dark circles in a month’s time.Hope this was helpful.Regards