I hit my head on a thick, low tree branch

Patient: I hit my head on a thick, low tree branch earlier today. about 9 hours ago. I have a small bump And tenderness in that area. I feel a little dizzy, but not too much that I can’t walk. No confusion or anything like that. is this a serious issue or just a normal thing? please help!

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of being hit on the head by a low-lying strong branch of a tree.You have little dizziness, small bump and tenderness in this area. There are no other symptoms.Head injury as this is called is to be taken as a serious injury if you have any of the symptoms other than the absolute normal going. Since you have dizziness, I would advise you to have a CT scan of the brain and the clinical examination by a Doctor for any signs.Once this is declared normal, then only one can say there is nothing that is serious.I hope this answer helps you.