I hit my knee cap on a street sign (Cycling

Patient: I hit my knee cap on a street sign (Cycling race) it’s already been 13weeks. And my knee still hurts I have a little lump on it (right knee) I been R.I.C.E but not sure if I should keep On doing that I did goto a clinic got a xray nothing is broken or fractured but my knee hurts when I stand,it makes a popping sound when I walk, going down stairs, when I’m cycle,& sharp pains hear & there . I been taking meloxiam&tramadol but hate taking them cause they give me gas. I just wanna know what’s wrong with my knee cycling is pretty much my job.. I’m 22 years old & weigh 160 if that’s matter -Thank you!

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. You may be having meniscus injury (tear) as your right knee pops and pain even after 13 weeks of injury. It can be confirmed by MRI of your right knee joint. It may require arthroscopic meniscectomy operation. Till then you can continue with quadriceps exercises and analgesic you already taking. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.