I hurt my back about 8 weeks ago and although

Patient: I hurt my back about 8 weeks ago and although it has improved somewhat it is still significant enough that I can’t do any physical activity outside of walking without being in pain. I already go to the doctor for a different place in my back that was from a previous accident. I am prescribed tramadol and neurontin and manage pretty well with that. Since, outside of prescribing me medicne, I’m not sure their is much else my Dr. can do for me so I haven’t seen him for this yet. I did however go to a chiropractor and had xrays done and according to the chiropractor he didn’t see anything on them that would indicate any permanent damage and would eventually heal with time. So, here’s the thing, I am an extremely active person and before this I worked out all of the time (as matter a fact thats how I hurt my back). So I guess what I want to know is if I can stand the extra pain is there any exercising I can do and if not do I need to be all the way pain free before I start exercising again. I mean even if it extends the healing time I would still be okay with it but I don’t want to do anything that will keep it from healing.To give you a better idea of my injury I hurt it while using this machine where you start at a sitting position leaning slightly forward. There is a padded like bar that sits at your mid to lower back in which you push back whatever the weight you entered.When I got to this machine for some reason I didn’t check the weight and just pushed back and it was too heavy so I adjusted it down and continued to do my reps before I left the gym I could feel it and the next day I thought I was going to die. Like I said since then it has gotten somewhat better but it has been 8 weeks and I still can’t bend over! I’m not sure if that’s normal or if it just takes a really long time to heal that specific area.

Symptoms: Lower back pain that seems to radiate from my hips and tailbone area.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your detailed history.You have to be pain free to start exercises. This is so because the exercisin g on a sore muscle can cause permanent damage to the ailing muscles.You need to become pain-free first. Exercising will increase your problems at the moment, it will keep the muscles from healing and you can go into RSI that is Repetitive stress syndrome.Read the story how you got the problem 8 weeks ago- a long time to suffer.I would advise you to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon, get a clinical evaluation, examination and investigations like MRI and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.Till then avoid any position which can increase your soreness.Hope this helps you.