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I hurt my knee last night I was bending backwards, feet planted.

Patient: I hurt my knee last night. I was bending backwards, feet planted, knees bowed in as if to go under a limbo bar. I felt a sharp pain on the inside of my left knee. I was able to walk around with slight pain last nigh, no issues. While sleeping the pain became more intense and today I can not walk on it. There is NO swelling, it does not feel loose, I have nearly full range of motion. But it really hurts and I definitely cannot walk on it. I’m hoping it’s only a sprain but I’ve torn the ACL and meniscus in my other knee and the pain in the left knee worries me. Best guess what did I do?Thanks,



Symptoms: Knee pain, inside of the knee, no swelling, unable to walk



Doctor: Hello, welcome to ATDThere could be ACL rupture or damage to menisci/ colateral ligament.ACL rupture caused swelling of the knee but minor or partial tear can occur with less intense swelling.You already know about the torn ACL, so I won’t talk much about it.Currently you should give rest to the knee in straight position, use a knee cylindrical splint. Apart from splintage, a course of antiinflammatory such as NSAIDs and ice packs are required.Once acute condition settles visit to your local doctor is recommended for clinical examination of the knee, till then give rest to your knees.Feel free to discuss further.Regards

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Patient: Thanks I have a doctors appointment Wednesday, I’m out of town on business and will be traveling and flying all day tomorrow. I have some crutches being delivered so I can use those. I’ve been icing and starting to take Aleve.
I’m really hoping the no swelling is a good sign and I won’t need surgery.

Doctor: Yes, No swelling is a good sign. You could probably do well with conservative management but all depends upon the diagnosis.
Continue with medication and ice therapy. Crutches are good if you are comfortable with them. Do visit your doctor on Wednesday.
Wish you a speedy recovery.


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