I hve high prolactin level I am nt taking

Patient: I hve high prolactin level. I am nt taking any drug.. I m 35 years.. my problem started after delivery… no menses so I checked n found out tht I have microprolactinoma after using cabergolin n bromocritine it disappeared bt still prolacti

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Microprolactinoma is a small sized pituitary tumor which se creat prolactin in larger quantities.Which can present with irregular periods, infertility etc.Usually medical treatment with dopamine agonists can cure this condition.But sometimes it may take longer periods for the treatment.As you are having persist elevated prolactin levels, you have to rule out factors like:Thyroid hormonal abnormalities and kidney function abnormalities, which can affect prolactin levels.Medicines like antidepressants can increase prolactin levels.Recurrence of prolactinoma etc.So, please discuss these things with your doctor and plan management accordingly.Take care.