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I just found a mole on my 13 years old

Patient: I just found a mole on my 13 years old daughter’s body. It is elevated and quite big. Worried… Any dermatologist here?



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I have read your query.I understand your concern.Moles are normal structures p resent in the body. They can appear at any age and on any part of the body.It is the sudden increase in size of mole or sudden change in pigmentation or development of symptoms like itch or pain in the mole that is considered suspicious.Still if any doubt exists, excisional biopsy is done and sent for histopathology to look for atypical changes if present.You should visit your doctor so that he can do clinical examination of the mole and advise you accordingly.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps .Stay healthy.



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Patient: If it is an elevated mole, that grew from a small one to about 12 mm (my daughter complained half a year ago and we thought it was a pimple. It is not on a visible part of the body, so we forgot about that until I saw it today) how fast should we act. It usually takes time to get appointment to a dermatologist here in Canada.

Doctor: Hello, you should take an appointment as soon as possible as an excision biopsy is indicated. You can see a surgeon if dermatologist appointment is an issue, if he feels that he is confident on the diagnosis, he will take the excision biopsy.
Good Luck.

Patient: Before when I used your service a doctor would reply immediately after we started a conversation. Now I don’t get answer for so long… 🙁 and the problem really worries me … Please answer my question

Patient: Thank you for your answer. I am not sure that a surgeon appointment is easy to get fast here. Is going to emergency with this reasonable? The advantage is that they could do all that is needed at the hospital.

Doctor: Hello. No to emergency is not thr solution. They will not attend it. Go to your GP and request him if he can help with a biopsy or getting an earlier appointment with your dermatologist.


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