I just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant But

Patient: I just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant But before that I was smoking weed I had stop now but did it effect my baby already

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,It is good o learn that you have shown a responsible behaviour towards your child by quitting weed smoking once you got to know that you were 6 weeks pregnant. Well, 6 weeks is early pregnancy and the effect of weed smoking, whether it has affected the baby or not shall be confirmed or not after the foetal heartbeat is established. There are cases where weed-smoking per se have led to missed abortions as well and also congenital anomalies. I suggest you should at present follow up your pregnancy with ultrasound and start tab folic acid 5mg daily hence to prevent any congenital anomalies.I hope I have answered your query,Regards