I just found out that I am anemic

Patient: I just found out that I am anemic. Well lately I have been having seizures and earlier I had one and it was bad good thing my mother in law was here to help me with my kids during this. I am asking on what do I do about this???

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.If your hemoglobin level is very low you would require blood transfusion and evaluation of the cause of this severe anemia.The cause of anemia needs to be evaluated so that the cause can be treated.I would recommend following tests immediately:1. Hemogram with ESR to see for WBC and Platelet count.2. Malaria antigen test3. Liver and Kidney function test4. Urine examination.5. Stool for occult blood.6. G6PD Deficiency.For seizures, you would require an MRI Brain and EEG to rule out the cause of seizures.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy