I just found out that I am pregnant while having

Patient: I just found out that I am pregnant while having my iud in. My iud is not in place correctly because my strings are missing. I am so concerned for my baby. The earliest I can see a doctor is three days from now, but I am worried waiting that long will hurt the baby. I don’t have insurance or else I would go to the hospital. What do I need to do to make sure the baby will be ok til Monday?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThere have been many cases where many women have conceived with an IUD in place and contin ued the pregnancy safely and delivered absolutely normal babies. There is no need to panic. First of all please relax and calm down. The baby might be completely safe as of now. In case you have severe pain abdomen and bleeding, there is not much to worry until you see a doctor. Three days won’t make much of a difference. The doctor will do an ultrasound to locate the IUD, if it is anywhere near the cervical end, the doctor can even pull it off with a hysteroscopy. If it is in the uterine cavity, then routine follow-ups may be needed and if it interferes with the growing baby it will need removal under anesthesia.After doing so, there will be no harm to the growing fetus.If the IUD is not interfering with the growing fetus, we may just leave it behind and expel it during the delivery of the placenta.Hope this helped.Regards