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I just got a echo cardiogram and stress test

Patient: I just got a echo cardiogram and stress test done a week ago ,and it was perfectly normal. Today I was feeling a little breathless and my left wrist was paining for 20 mins . But now I a m okay . I am 36 years old , non diabetic , normal blood pressure but taking statin medicines for high cholesterol . Please advice whether it is okay.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted that you are 36 years old without any problems except takin g statin for high cholesterol.Got your Echo and stress test 1 week ago and found that it was perfectly normal.You are feeling a bit breathless and left wrist was paining for 20 minutes.Since the anxiety would be more, it is better to an EKG/ECG just to make sure that the heart is normal.It is otherwise OK, and does not looks to be a serious problem.I would also advise to get Thyroid function tests, fresh blood tests such as lipid profile, proper diet and more important the physical exercises under the guidance of a trainer or a Doctor and most of of the problems may just finish. This will help to keep your cholesterol in normal limits



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Patient: Thanks for your reply . Could it be due to indigestion since I had a heavy meal around 3 hours back combined with anxiety . My thyroid reports were also fine which I got tested around 2 months back .I also feel a little palpitation. Please advice

Doctor: It looks to me that all your symptoms are due to anxiety as your thyroid and heart reports are normal yet you are getting breathlessness, wrist pain and now palpitation.
I would advise you to consult your Doctor, talk to him detail and get a medicine for anxiety also.


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